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Reviews for "GatherX"

Very nice game, well done! I finished it in 3 hours 15 mins, got every medals but the 50000 clicks (too hard, with my 'only' 34450 clicks, I give up!). I really appreciated every parts of the game: graphics, music and gameplay are great. I also enjoyed the well balanced updates, powerful but not too much.

Thank you very much and keep up the good work :-)

Well now that my arm is going to fall off, I can say that I finally beat the game and got all the medals! (even the 50,000 clicks medal) it took forever, but I have a pretty fast click per second. The gameplay was good, and I liked the art. The font fit pretty well as well. My only complaint is that the beanstalk didn't actually fall down.

A very interesting game, addicting and is fairly fast paced as you go on. But there is to much clicking involved. For example you have to keep clicking to sell items unlike other games where there is a sell all button. The clicking eventually begins to hurt your hand. The game is very repetitive and after around 20-30 minutes it has lost the majority of its novelty and just becomes an annoyance. Due to the lack of verity I'd give it a 3 star rating, but because it is an interesting and creative game I'll leave it at 4.5 Stars.

Great game. My only complaint is that I click so quickly, the game can't keep up. Out of two hundred of my clicks on the beanstalk at the end game, only around 70 get registered on the click counter every time. It's annoying.

2 hours and 55 minutes