Reviews for "GatherX"

woo. mad it in just over two and a half hours. ring finger is killing me. maybe make it so we can spend energy faster with less clicking?

This game is awesome! I love games like this, and I played this one for about an hour before I even realized it. My game saved, and I'll be back to continue playing when I have some more time.

Wow, I dont think I have clicked my mouse playing any game in my life. A brilliant upgrade mechanic that for some reason will not let you stop until you have clicked a billion times. The only gripe I have is the lack of an actual ending. The beanstalk doesnt fall and there is no ending story. Not that I played for the story but just a little effort creating an animation of that damned beanstalk crashing to the ground would have made the three hours I spent clicking worth it. Besides that a very solid and well made game. Nice job.

I played for 3 hours and 4 minutes. I unlocked everything. All medals all upgrades, everything. I didn't use an auto-clicker. After all of that, the damned beanstalk didn't even fall. No ending animation, no payoff, nothing. The DAMNED BEANSTALK still stands with a health bar of zero. All you get is "you Win, it took x amount of time for you to chop down the beanstalk." and a button that says continue playing. I can still mine, fish, and chop down the beanstalk but I have every upgrade and achievement, there is no point to this and damned sure no payoff. I should have gotten an awesome ending, but no.....just "you win" and the beanstalk doesn't even fall. I had fun playing, the journey was good, but the destination sucked. It's like taking the yellow brick road to Kansas instead of The Emerald City.

This game is fun like ill play its game all day long just to beat it