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Reviews for "GatherX"

5 hours, 29 minutes and a mild repetitive stress injury later, I completed this game. I can't help but feel like this game could have used an onMouseHold()-type event.

I like this a lot! Very creative, even tho you just click the same three buttons there something about this to motivate you to try and chop down that bean stalk! Plus the music ain't half bad! Very good!

The only change I'd add is an indicator of how many times you've clicked. I'd love to go for the 50k medal but I get lazy and bored lol. Other than that, I loved it. I'd love to see another such game

This was a really cool game! Kept me occupied for quite a while. AS FOR SUGGESTIONS I would definitely add a proper ending and also some stats that tell you exactly how many fish and ore you're selling as opposed to your income of them.

i like this game its was...challenging took me 3hrs and 1minute..sure without autoclicker that would ruin the game