Reviews for "GatherX"

to the people complaining about n sell all button, if there was a button like that then the merchanting skill will be pointless

It didnt save my progress when i left. T~T

for some reason did not get the 1 hour achievement idk why... i got every other one though

decent game was kinda expecting a reward or a cut scene from the ending it was kinda anticlimactic and dissatisfying even a short scene where the giant looks down and curses and then jack looks up and starts laughing in w/e out fit he has on at the time

or idk something....

Not really a lot of fun.. idk what anyone is talking about calling this fun lol, but I just really want to see the ending.. and I wasn't going to leave a review until I get to the ending, but if I never do.. this is my review & comment.. a 4 if it was more entertaining.. a 5 if it was perfection... but this is a nice game.. for those who like clicking and maybe multitasking :)

Great game! Loved it, the art, the upgrades, the music. They were all great. And I love me a game with lots of upgrades :3
I didn't know you could continue playing after cutting down the beanstalk xD so I concetrated on getting all the upgrades first. But I would've done that anyway, awesome game, good work!