Reviews for "GatherX"

Great game. My only complaint is that I click so quickly, the game can't keep up. Out of two hundred of my clicks on the beanstalk at the end game, only around 70 get registered on the click counter every time. It's annoying.

This is one of the nicer Idle games currently out there. I applaud the artist for the unique art style, although I have yet to finish it I am enjoying myself.

to the people complaining about n sell all button, if there was a button like that then the merchanting skill will be pointless

It didnt save my progress when i left. T~T

for some reason did not get the 1 hour achievement idk why... i got every other one though

decent game was kinda expecting a reward or a cut scene from the ending it was kinda anticlimactic and dissatisfying even a short scene where the giant looks down and curses and then jack looks up and starts laughing in w/e out fit he has on at the time

or idk something....