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Reviews for "GatherX"

Beat it in exactly 3:07:21.409 with all the medals of course.

It is a good game, a personal favourite of mine. Marvelous game, well designed, the characters are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, as well as the background. Very relaxing.

Congratulations to the whole team, this is a fantastic work.

Love it so much. Be ready to go through several mouses to beat though haha

An idle game with purpose! I like the idea; the plethora of upgrades and additions along the way towards that goal (and that you can keep going, though it feels highscores would be nice incentive for further play). I like the graphical style too, so soft and fantasy-ish, though the name feels pretty vague. More about the mechanics than the story, which is part of what makes this game personal. Nothing about chopping down a beanstalk at all? Isn't that the mission? Well, overall, I like it. Works and looks good, and was pretty addicting too! Good game.


One of the best idle/clicker games out there. Having a single objective, cutting the beanstalk, puts it above other games in the idle/clicker category. Most other games are just about going faster, making more money etc.. but this one's just fantastic!! 5/5

If only there was a "Sell All" button under each item.