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Reviews for "GatherX"

Love this game though the one thing that bugged me was that I can't press the same button I use to open a window to close it. Also, I'd like an option to replant the beanstalk with x2, x5, and x10 health. Maybe more objects/workers would be cool too.

I'm actually pretty pissed.
I didnt get the award from bodybuilder through fabulous, I didn't get professional employer or jack's legacy and upgrade complete, even though I should have.


It's a nice game, but I think I broke my motherfucking mouse... and my arm... I would very much appreciate a "sell all ores" button, that would've really saved me all that trouble. Damn, I hate being a completionist... Anyway, the artstyle was nice, the story was actually quite creative, but the music had nothing to do with the aesthetic of the game, I think it was just a poor choice. Also, the fisherman is practically worthless, and he just so happens to be the single most expensive to upgrade. I saved up for that 100k upgrade thinking it would increase his fishing greatly, like making him collect 10 fish every 5 seconds, at least, but it turns out it makes him collect a miserable 2 fish. 2 fish! That's just one more than previously, and the upgrade costs 100k! Anyway, that was a major flaw, in my opinion. Also, why doesn't the rarity factor of the fish increase it's nutrition? That just seems pointless to me, it would make the fisherman so much more useful, that way you can just mine away while you regenerate your energy no problem, and the upgrade to increase the rarity of the fish is actually worth a damn. Well, despite all of that, I liked this game, but it is a bit too annoying for me to finish.

I'm meant to be doing work rather then clicking mindlessly XD Good job! I was a little dissapointed that the ending was just "You Won!!!". Kinda hoped for a cutscene or the beanstalk falling...

But hey, I kinda enjoyed it. It's annoyingly addictive mining then selling... mining... then selling...... mining........ selling.... UPGRADING! Then... more... mining...