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Reviews for "GatherX"

horrible its boring

Entertaining game. But by the time I got the "auto clicker" achievement (by clicking normally, mind you) I realized I had to bring the big guns in and implemented an autoclicker to click every half millisecond, sparing both my finger muscles and my left mouse button. Despite this I took 1h 20 min to complete the game. Some gripes:
1- You can't close the menus with the same hotkey you opened them with. Very annoying.
2- Sometimes the hotkeys would not work to open the menus.
3- Fishing is way too easy in comparison to mining. You can spend a minute fishing and get 10 minutes worth of energy in fish, should be more balanced.
4- Better fish do not heal any more than worse fish, so there's little point in upgrading fish quality (since they have poor value in comparison to ores too, and collect much less)

yeah i played it its fun but hard to click actualy

Now I know what the 1% feels like. I am literally so wealthy that gold isn't valuable enough to be worth my time to sell.

Good game! a bit short though. 01:11:12