Reviews for "GatherX"

I liked playing this game, it is an interesting experience (if you have the patience), but there are two things in my opinion that are the major flaws, the "Like a Boss" achievement, because I finished the game with around 11,600 clicks by upgrading everything, so there is simply no reason to try to click 50,000 times. And the ending is just non-existant, it could be better if followed by an epilogue, just like it has an introduction. Apart from that, it is a good game and can be pretty addicting.

I beat your game. Auto clicker software FTW.

Overall nice looking, but gameplay leaves alot to be desired. It roped me in for 10 minutes, then I realize it was a clicky game. Just not worth my time. Also, don't mean to pick, but Jack the Luber? You might want to fix that.

I don't like cutting down the beanstalk. don't know why you set it to 999,999. too many clicks. but I like everything.

sleek yet utterly vapid.