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Reviews for "Jumper 2"

First of all, the jumping sound has been copied from super mario bros. The graphics are paint-made, like the "two" of "Jumper 2" or the boxes. The gameplay is poor and boring, the enemies can hit you without even touching you, they have a huge hitbox, and jumping feels like being on ice: unconfortable. With the walljump you're just being shotted up in the air, out of the screen, and you have to guess where are you landing.
I also found a glitch: in 2-8, when I die and instantly run to an enemy, the screen gets stuck and I cannot respawn. So I have to refresh and do everything again.
In conclusion this game shouldn't be in newgrounds.

Compared to the large amount of Stencyl games I've played that were submitted by new creators, this one is more thought out, uses different sprites that don't come with the program, and has no glitches. Beating the game isn't extremely difficult, but I dare people to try and get through it getting a perfect score.

Not bad mate, admittedly the guy could jump a little higher as jumping over the enemies is a huge challenge, but I like the game, the graphics aren't bad, it controls well, and it's fun.

Needs better collision detection and too many Mario similarities. Also some of the sprites look like they were made in minutes.