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Reviews for "Flap Punch"

Man Now that A High sroce

my high score is 15. damn u.

and i thought 9 was the best score..

Well there goes my highscore. Great work!

HA. That was great, reminds me of middle school where all the kids would like to mess around in Pivot Stick animator and this one could would always make this dragon ball like animations

Also "shxdfbfd," that's because it's retarded. If someone wants to play Flappy bird for 5 and a half hours (9999 points would take 20,000 seconds to get as there's an early delay and then 2 seconds between each pipe. divided by 60(how many seconds are in a minute) would be 333.33~ (Or 333 minutes and 20 seconds) again(as there are 60 minutes in an hour) would be about 5.55~(Or about 5 hours, 30 minutes and 30 seconds). IF YOU WANT TO FIND SOMEONE that's willing to play this STUPID GAME for that long of time, or if YOU WANT TO DO IT YOURSELF, then BE THE INTERNET'S GUEST. I certainly won't I couldn't get past 45 and when I heard they were selling for over $1000 I sold mine with it and doubled it's profit and got another one AND was able to get my girlfriend a nice date out for once on mother's day...I think I divulged from the main topic here, but what's done is done.