Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

I love Adventure Time, but this just doesn't cut it. One type of video I love is a random, one liner filled animation. This just didn't get me to laugh, let alone smile.

Great animation, and you've got what it takes. (Way more than myself.)

Not for me.

sweetcommando responds:

You and I share the same views

The jokes were like, eh. Animation was like, eh, Voice acting was like, eh. Overall, very... eh.

animation was really crude, jokes were forced, voice acting was, well... a few puts shot of par but nonetheless your animations do show improvement, so good luck mate

Of all the things I could say, I think "trying too hard" is the most fitting and best delivers the message. This sort of, eh, "random" disjointed style of writing has been getting more popular for a number of years now (maybe because it requires low effort? Idk) and frankly I think it should have run it's course and died a while ago.
The animation (some of it at least) was pretty decent. I feel like there was a lot of wasted potential, I mean you can clearly animate, my question is why didn't you use your apparent skills to make something coherent?
Idunno, maybe I'm being too harsh, some of it was decent I guess. I'm guessing this accounts for a lot of practice, as the song says, everybody's got to learn.

sweetcommando responds:

Yea. I know what you're talking about. Writing is as pain and animating is a pain but I can get through one of those things without worrying too much. eh

I liked how the key-posing was unpredictable and quite dynamic, and the animation was sometimes decent, but all-in-all the whole thing was just overly-obnoxious and forced, I didn't find anything funny about it and it didn't seem like any of the jokes came up naturally whatsoever. It seemed more like "hey, people must think this joke is funny, so I'll just jam it into the script randomly right here!" There's too many people doing that now.

sweetcommando responds:

I know, i know, i need to work on my writing. But its really hard to do that since im mostly focusing on the animation stage. But thanks for the feedback anyway.
Love your work by the way!