Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

I like some parts, but I think you don't really know Adventure Time, so you couldn't make a decent parody...

sweetcommando responds:

you have no idea how much adventure time i watch. its just hard to make fun of a silly show since its already... well... silly.

Like the end.

Because I'm a huge fan of Adventure Time. And oh god, that slow choking. Poor Gunther. He died in a pool of his own tears. Better delivery of the jokes or better/over-the-top impressions of the voices would have helped.

HAHAHA! #followingsweetcommandoinreallife

If the lipsync was better and gunter dind die sad and that sad ending this would be a huge hit on youtube whit like 3 mil viewers. so i say. its pretty freaking good minus the death

poor gunther