Reviews for "A Moment of Adventure"

"Nope I'm not dealing with this!" - Ice King. And frankly I would agree too Simon. But yeah good animation, poor Gunther. Died of chewing gum.

the music used is from incompetech, correct? because their music is royalty free as long as you give credit so if i were u i would put a link in the info

sweetcommando responds:

its says it in the credits at the end of the vid. also i linked all the audio used from newgrounds so i dont think there is a problem

I don't know if something is wrong with me but I laughed to death with the penguin part.
thanks man

Not the best adventure time parody, but close. And so far away from the worst, lol! This is pretty good! Ilike the animation, the different styles, and while some of the humor was quite morbid, it was still surprisingly funny.

sweetcommando responds:

lol i dont know any other adventure time parodies

That guy who fell into a coma is like me.
That video gave me cancer.

(Nice Humor Tho)