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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

Some platform elements doesn't work. It's difficult to gather items.

PestoForce responds:

Can you be more specific about what's not working?

One of the best games I've played on Newgrounds.

PestoForce responds:


This game has so much potential, but without items its impossible and with them its way too easy. Like getting one hit in boss fight makes your attacks melee and touching the boss hurts too. And without weapon, you can guess what happens.

PestoForce responds:

The learning curve for this game is fairly steep, the more you play the less impossible it is and you can start being more careful about what powerups you actually want to get.

Overall it's pretty good, but the fact that you take fall damage (in a platformer) is REAL annoying, doubly so since you can't control how high you jump, which makes the "super jump" upgrade more of a downgrade than anything because you usually end up hurting yourself each time you jump (unless the spot you jumped to is much higher than where you jumped from)

It also gets far too easy once you get explosives, since then you can either use rockets to pretty much insta-kill a boss, or use grenades to make a pit to trap him in (and then hit him whenever he tries to jump out)

Lastly I don't like how you have no ranged attack if you're not at full health, since this tends to become self-fulfilling (can't get health because I keep taking damage, keep taking damage because I have no ranged attack due to lack of full health). I admit this may be a personal gripe, but I feel it would've worked better if the ranged attack was something you had all the time and the melee attack was just for when you overheated.

PestoForce responds:

Fall damage is a natural way of telling you to proceed more carefully.

Pro-tip: Hold up or down button to look up or down to scope out an area before you leap.

You CAN in fact control your jump height. If you "tap" jump you'll jump significantly less high. This works when you have the jump boots upgrade too, but I agree that the jump boots upgrade is a mixed bag, and I usually avoid getting it myself.

Keep playing! You'll need all the OP explosives you can get for some of the later boss challenges... believe me!

Losing ranged attack on overheat only is an interesting idea... maybe in the sequel!

I keep having so much fun, and then suddenly: acid. It doesn't matter that I've got max health, best armor, all upgrades, 11 strength. Nope, acid instant death, right where I couldn't see it.

I actually managed to kill a boss with acid, but I still hate it. Acid is OP.

PestoForce responds:

Acid represents the catastrophes of life. Tread carefully!