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Reviews for "Labyrinth: SoS"

I really like this game brings me back to the old days when games were tough.

The only thing I really don't like is the overheating thing, but that's preference so I wont dock any points for that. The only problems I ran into were the occasional impossible chest and once or twice I got stuck in a position I simply couldn't get out of without double jump or wall climb (which I didn't have at the time) so half a star for that.

Still though this is the best game i've seen on newgrounds for at least three years maybe more.

PestoForce responds:

Wow, best in 3 years... that's a big compliment! :-D

Perfect, awesome, breathtaking etc.

PestoForce responds:

<3 <3

Well I was impressed and at the same time a bit let down because this game has so much good things but at the same time, not so good. I enjoyed and at the same time did not enjoy the game.
So lets get going with the review, the points I usually take when I review a game, this time its a retro style game:

-Game Mechanics.
-Battle Mechanics.
-Music and Sound Effects.
-Game Features.
-Normal or Broken. (Final Score)

-Story = 8
The story is well simple and not very interesting, still it makes you understand why is the main character (The hybrid cat dragon?) has to destroy the dark orbs to save the day from the darkness.

-Game Mechanics = 10 [Reinforced with Game Features]
The mechanics in the game where well placed and well executed, never had problems with it, making this game easy get used to.

But the game itself it's very easy. The use of randomized dungeons was great and with the features it had, was good thought making the game tones easy and lose its strength.

-Battle Mechanics = 6 [Score affected by Game Features]

The battles in the game where often very boring and the combat was extremely repetitive, when we talk about the boss fights are kind of generic and almost no difference between each other, thought this are maybe... the parts that saved this game to fall apart hard (Still a great weakness in the game overall). Plus the game features sure hurt the game in this aspect because it totally breaks the balance (Going to explain in Game Features).
A side of that, the power bar was well implemented to prevent spamming full health ranged attacks + with the implementation of "No ranged until full hp" prevents a hyper easy mode and makes you look for slices of cake or the big cake to heal and recover.

-Music and Sound Effects = 9
Very well done, the retro music was very good and as the sounds in the game where well sync and placed.

-Game Features... = 3 [Reinforced by Game Mechanics]
The most important aspect of a game is what it can offer you during your progress in it as well as what can you control sure the audio and pause features where well placed and function properly, but the aspect that makes this game interesting are the power ups, witch completely destroy the game in battle but in the other side we have a good influence in the game mechanics.

In battle = Makes killing anything easy including the bosses, makes you almost unkillable (Acid can one-hit kill you).
Not in battle = Fast, easy exploration, fun time and fast monster clears (thought it does not mean it makes this game better)

-Graphics = 10
The graphics where very well made and the retro style can be seen from afar. Good job.

-Normal or Broken:
This game can be played in to ways: playing it normally or breaking the whole game thanks to power ups. I played the 2 of them and here is how I visualize the final scores.

Playing Normal (This involves not over using power ups like crazy and doing all by the book) = 3.7
Playing Broken (As the name suggests) = 1.5

Still i cant stop complaining and wondering a bit:
-Why no more kinds of mobs?
-Why no more variety of bosses?
-Why not harder levels?
-Why is this 2 easy!?!?!?

So my suggestions are the next ones:
1. More enemies!!!
2. Harder levels (works with randomized levels better)
3. More boss types (Lizards? No thanks)

That is all from my part, I know this is maybe not your best game, but it has potential to a point I still have hope that if you guys do a sequel, it will be amazingly over the top. I wish you guys the best of luck and I hope you come with something amazing next time.

PestoForce responds:

Thanks for the detailed review!

I think this was one of the best games I've ever played on this site, I do have one complaint however. I got to a higher level, with lots of the upgrades, then I fell into an acid puddle and died instantly. In my opinion it would be much nice if the acid didn't instantly kill you, at least if you had the good armor.

PestoForce responds:

Acid is a bummer!

Very, very, very awesome roguelike platformer. Graphics are good and animations are surprisingly awesome. Music is good, though I'd wish there were more tracks. Many people complain about the random elements, but that's pretty much what a roguelike excels in.

It needs a bit of polish, of course, but this is a great game. Straigh to my favs. Well done!

PestoForce responds:

Awesome! Glad you enjoyed!