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Reviews for "ComicBookMovie"

An inferior knock-off of Death VS Monsters. Its biggest crimes are probably lousy sound design.

Aesthetics are a mess even though the individual art styles are all well-executed, because they made the thematic mistake of pairing C-64-era retro music with modern flash graphics. You can't hear it when you take a hit, can't hear enemies explode, can't hear anything at all really aside from the music and the most pitiful coin ding as3sfxr ever crapped out.

The story seems to be... uh... you're a bad person if you liked Avengers, I guess? That's all I could get out of the title screen. The lame theme spreads to the enemies, the power-ups, and the backgrounds, turning what could have been a fun romp into an abstract clash between two sides you don't care about.

Gameplay-wise, it's an okay Bullet Hell shooter with RPG grind. Mouse to move feels floating and imprecise, but the shots travel slow enough that I didn't usually feel unduly threatened. It was nice of them to point out the hitbox at the start of the game, though I would have prefered more precise keyboard controls. Also, if your Flash game uses the mouse, you ALWAYS store the previous frame's mouse position, check to see if the new mouse position is 0,0, and if it is, use the old mouse position. This prevents a common Flash bug where the player scrolls up and left if the mouse ever goes outside the fucking screen.

Progress feels slow and limited even though technically it probably isn't. I chalk this up to failure to telegraph progress. Overall the psychology of this game is very scattered and uninspired. It's almost as if somebody who doesn't speak English googled what was trending in America 6-12 months ago when this was in development and then built the game around that. I don't understand why they decided to take the piss out of the Avengers, though. It feels like a super-cynical move to include it in the first place, so why pick the side that you know 99% of gamers are going to be AGAINST? Unless they were talking about a typical (bad) superhero movie. But they don't specify that in the intro. They make it sound like a really great superhero movie. So I'm lost. Where did this creative decision come from.

Also, I have no idea what the phrase "Tin Foil Woman" actually means. Google Translate! For when native English sexism just isn't sexist enough! (tm)

I'm good!^^

Not the most ground breaking game ever but very well done. Excellent on every front. I really loved the mega-manesque music.....GREAT JOB

I enjoyed playing this game. It is fast paced, action packed and with so many options.

Great game and interesting, I especially like games action shooter and flying, I like the design and movement of the layer as a ninja character superman. This upgrades ok but just not everything be free to spend at each level because the money is not enough for all the attacks espaeciales only achieved with few, shooting enemies are quick to look somewhat annoying but well that elusive few seconds. The heads have the same shots in each level but still easy to dodge and since win. As the music is fresh, legendary and warm that I really enjoyed and I quiet at the end of each level. Movements of the protagonist is good when flying.