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Reviews for "ComicBookMovie"

OMG: Was is this?
Painful music, earpiercing sonds effects and the game doesent even work porperly!
S'bad don play it.

too easy

Since I agree with a lot of the posts below me I'll just post about a bug I encountered. Upon completing the game I get the credits and normal background music running concurrently.

It's an ok time waster I guess, but doesn't seem like a very inspired game. Specifically, the levels were all very similar and the bosses were essentially identical. None of the bad guys seemed to aim at your current position, they just shot in whatever pre-arranged pattern they have, so there's no element of trying to kite the enemy shots along to keep one step ahead of them. Giving the enemies missiles that could veer trajectory towards you could also accomplish a similar effect. Once you upgrade your main weapon enough so your shots basically fill the screen, it becomes purely an exercise in moving your mouse to a gap in the bullets. (Yeah I know that's what all bullet-hell games boil down to, but not having to aim your shots still seems like it takes something away from the game.) If you do give players a weapon that can blast the entire screen, then to keep the player from focusing completely on bullets in their immediate vicinity and make them pay attention to the rest of the screen, you could have something like lasers that will fire across the screen (perhaps at an angle) instantly after a warning flashes at the edge of the screen from which it will emerge. IDK, maybe a mix of all of the above that gradually gets introduced into the game as it progresses to keep it from being repetitive. And bosses that do different things -- be it firing different types of weapons, or having armor that reflects your bullets back at you if you don't shoot them right in the middle, or spawning gravity wells that pull you in weird directions, or something that makes each of them unique.

If this was meant to not really be an attempt at making a serious game so much as a way to poke fun at comic book nerds, then I'm afraid it doesn't do a very good job of mocking comic book nerds either... I'll defer to WarpZone's review on that aspect.

Lost me the second it compared the Godfather to Gravity.