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Reviews for "ComicBookMovie"

Found " a glitch" of sorts.. was level 11 when after 1 initial monster no more ennemies spawned. thus stucking me at the level <:< since i had to reload i lost the progress i had

It's ALMOST really good, but not quite there.
A bit clunky, a bit cluttered. I do like it and think - with patience and polish - it could be something that could make the devs some money.
As it stand I can't go higher than 3.5
I enjoyed it though and found it challenging without being taxing. Enough of a challenge to keep me interested, but not so much where I'm putting in too much effort. Though, I will say, it's a tad unbalanced in parts.
The design itself is adequate though I found it - at times - to be cluttered (as I stated above) and the differences between enemy fire and "hero" fire to be a little confusing.
The upgrades were a nice touch but not detailed enough. I found myself buying things just because i could and thought I should, but not because I understood them or thought I needed them.

The thing i liked most about this game was the character and his attitude toward ignorant fools. Other than that, i was looking for a different kind of game style, still good though

Good game, I was disapointed it ended so quickly. Bring out some more!

Here's another game I was quite impressed by. I think the strongest point is how it's easy to understand. I really say that too much. I appreciate the different kinds of powerups. I had no clue I could beat two bosses without even dying once! Then again, I do have (almost) the most game reviews here.

The music and everything else was so good. The stick man sticks out so well here. You don't expect a game like that. Dang, were there a lot of coins created when you killed someone. The graphics could have maybe been better, but still great.