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Reviews for "ComicBookMovie"

its way to hard kus theres so many bullets that comes and you use big charater

There are just too many problems with this to give it a good rating. When the bullets are filling the screen, including inexplicably (and kind of stupidly) from behind you, the last thing you need is the game to lag even a little bit. Bit this one will often get so laggy that your guy will stay in the same spot for several seconds after you tried to move, and then shoot to where he is supposed to be all at once. All the while the bullets are killing you. I can't imagine what the designer was thinking in NOT including a way to decrease the quality to at least lessen the lag factor.

Here is something all game designers need to remember when considering making a bullet hell game...1. There will be lots of enemies and bullets on the screen for a lot of the game. 2. This is a Flash game and Flash is the least efficient program ever. 3. People HATE lag. And then ask themselves if they are up to the challenge to code the game so that there will be no lag even when things get crowded. and if the answer is No, then make another genre of game.

Drones....No way to use them or there isn't a note of "Do X to use them." So skill points spent into that are worthless.

No way to respec, if a mission is basically impossible for you to pass, the weapon upgrades are terrible, the damage upgrades are worse. I'm 4/5 damage upgrade weapon 3, i'm failing to kill things on boss 3's mission that shouldn't be happening at being 90% maxed in power.

The horizontal and vertical blasts of freaking no where don't help either, your power scale of a hero compiled with the fact enemies blast everything while you are now being hit by random lines of bullets at which point become impossible to dodge.

Over all got annoying and thus bored really fast, needs to be balanced a lot better or skills need to go to higher levels or something, the progression of you vs enemies is you crap them great.

really cool game.I do appreciate it.But i feel pretty disappointed for the ppl who didn't like this :(. And nice music too.