Reviews for "Weapon Collection"

this has got to be the best

this is my fav part of matts art....... THE WEAPONS!!!!
i hope matt makes some more totally awsome art and pics like this it... is... the... best!!


Yo its me.

Dood you have awesome pictures to?!?!?!Awesome and epic.


Matt you are the bestests swordsman in the world -bows-


I know this is a bit older than EBF3, but I would love to seen some more of these in the game! some are already in the game of course though. Really awesome designs on all of them, fantastic work.


Nice swords most are in Epic Battle Fantasy 3 also nice drawing and I like swords over guns and again these should be put in a museum rating is 9999999999999 zillion and this is Epic so yeah Swords are cool and I can't stop looking at your art and games!You are awesomest author!P.S. Keep up the good work!