Reviews for "Weapon Collection"


matt-likes-swords huh.....hm..should be more like "matt-likes-anything-that-will-kill-you" lol
but joking aside...these are all wonderful weapons.
oh and btw, i love the whole EBF series!!


so many weapons and so little time to test them all... =D


in any games u made i never see a scythe used........ are u gona use the scythes for ebf 4????

i hope so XD

I Want 5 Swords And 5 Staffs :D

BTW This IS Awsum. I Don't Know What to Say Next But THIS ART IS RLY OUTRAGEOUS
All Hail Matt The Awsum Artwork Maker

holy shit

every weapon here without exception is phenomenal and i want them all irl