Reviews for "Weapon Collection"

This rocks!

The swords are just..cool. Yeah, that's about it.


ill have that one, that one, that one.....oh and that one please
um cash or change?

good pic real good detail and what not

I like swords too.

Good thing you have this weapons in your Epic Battle Fantasy Series 1, 2 and 3.
The swords, the wands, the spears and the gunblades. The game, Epic Battle Fantasy is really epic. It has battles and it is a fantasy game. Your a real artist. I hope you could join SQUARE ENIX or something or you can create your own. The Epic Battle Fantasy 3 is better. It looks like mixed up with 2D and 3D. The song: Heroes' March is really touching. Fantastic drawing. I hope your life as like a star.


Amazing, simply one of the best ive seen


this wide array of weapons makes my mind crave for moar violence >:D joo have unleashed a beast!

beast--> :3 beast FTW