Reviews for "Weapon Collection"

Whoa, i'm so beautiful today... this is an weapons

is it all right if i use you picture for my 3D models?

And I am certainly glad you did! Imagine how much work it would have been for you to submit them all individually. It's just so wonderful to see all this great detail in one place. I remember all of these from the games! I guess you could update it now. You even included musical instruments!

You show wonderful diversity, especially with the scythes. Every single weapon is so unique. Well, at least it took you longer to make the actual game than the swords. It's great to see something that made such a big part of something so wonderful. These are just some of the many things that make the Epic Battle Fantasy series so great. Is there still a limit on pictures?

=.= Dear Lord Canti this looks beautiful!

are those weapons from aq? :D