Reviews for "Sloof's Supershop"

I cant see how this isn't 5 stars?? The colours that you use are amazing and the detail put into your backgrounds are fantastic. The animation and story is also done to top quality!! Top Animation!!!

would have got a five if it was longer, just seems like you left it unfinished.

It doesn't matter how you look at it, this seems like a 10 min episode that got cut as it started developing, but what we got to see was incredibly good on its own.

I really enjoy your other works. And this like the others has great graphics, voice, and music. However it's just way too short to really get any sense of the story you are trying to tell. If I could even see another minute of this I would have given it four stars. I look forward to seeing the next installment, but I hope it's at least a 2 and a half min. clip.

HOOOOOOOW? Always loved your videos but this one was a bit confusing. Liked your joke in the begining when Sploof cut off Robot mid sentance :P next time add a better punchline and the video will be perfect :D