Reviews for "Sloof's Supershop"

Great animation, very accessible and a memorable world I would like to revisit!
One suggestion I'd make would be to decrease the line thickness of the backgrounds, to put more emphasis on the characters/action in a scene. Otherwise 'supergreat'!

This was so cute. LOL

oh I love you for these. they are so cute and sort of nonviolent!


are you a pisces?

ProfessorSoap responds:

I am a pisces! I don't really follow that stuff though. How did you know??

I really enjoyed this short, as well as the first two you uploaded here on NG.
Your animation style and worlds you create are appealing to all ages and inspire creativity and imagination.
I can easily see this being on any major toon network.
Keep up the amazing work!

Love it. Great design sense. I love the indie comic/zine feel it has to it and the wonderfully smooth animation.
My only critique would be that the characters almost get lost within the world because of the line thickness, though honestly that's just a personal choice. Keep up the great work!