Reviews for "Sloof's Supershop"

This is wonderful! I have to say, I prefer your "voiced" cartoons to the unvoiced ones (at least so far), because you do this so well! The voice-acting is wonderful, this is excellently paced and the WAY you tell the story is understated and charming. Also, your art style is really great - I'm really enjoying the thick lines and limited palette of bold colours. And the animation is really smooth.

I really hope that there are more episodes to come, and that they are longer (but even short ones would be fine...). Heck, I'd probably support you on Kickstarter if you asked for funding to make a full series.

Acander, I have never seen his artwork and I loved this animation, simple but funny.

dud eyour freakin awesome bro! love your animations they seem like actual tv shows

Great art style, great color pallete, great music, and nice ending. I love your work!

Love the artwork and characters! And the abruptness of the ending, hilarious =P
I hope you don't make an explanation of how he does it, as it would detract from the random ending!