Reviews for "Once Upon A Life"

Loads of fun! You can't go wrong with rocket powered old people.

I have no words for this game... i cried like a baby at the end...It kinda reminds me of Up!
Ps:. My name is Marianna! I think that mixed with my heart a lot too! hahaha

Chaz responds:

Awesome! A beautiful name it is too.

First thought now, after finishing game is: "Wow! that was great". Then to review

Puzzles were quite amusing, though not difficult. Actual difficulty came from not knowing what character is capable, such as melting ice. That was somewhat annoying. Getting Triforce (or whatever those triangle things were) was somewhat challenging but not so that it would become grinding. Controlling flying retiree was quite amusing; as a platformer/puzzle it was not bad. There was no glitches and control was smooth.

And that was weakest part of game.

Game starts to shine as a whole. As retiree advances, I felt that now game probably will end as unsatisfying experience. But it didn't! There was actual story to finish. Following tale of Harry Dicky was quite entertaining as it happened in two storyline. Story starts very cunningly as giving just amusing old guy, and ends with very interesting story.

What showed as truly genius design was minigames. Though they very quite easy/boring, they supported game well. They were nicely placed in plot points, which gave story structure. I could probably go on and on with praises on design, but if I were to go further I would only go into region which would show my own limited knowledge on subject.

I didn't listen sounds when I played it trough(sorry, but I like to listen music while playing), but I find it good that there was actual voice acting. Little as I listened voice of Harry, I think it was well formed, it gave a personality to him.

I try to not give 5 stars, but when I was just astounded with the quality of game, I have no other choice.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the kind review!

He's just sleeping right? RIGHT!?

At your review at teragammong or something liek that (page 3) do you eman with henry then Henry stickmin?