Reviews for "Once Upon A Life"

Heart warming and even thought provoking. One of the best flash games I have ever played, and I've been here on Newgrounds for a LONG time. I like how the old man seems to have died at the end, but that its still ambiguous. The voice acting wasn't overdone, and the voice actor actually sounded like an old man. The old man himself seemed like a whacky zany old man, but still some what realistic (as a human, that is. Who the fuck dual wields jet pack walking sticks?). Overall, you made me FEEL things, and enjoy the ride as I went along. Your focus on story was very nice, but the fact that you didn't throw away gameplay was nice. As a pro tip in the future, try not have photos and the like hidden in completely random places, I had to look up a walkthrough a couple of times simply because I couldn't find the stuff anywhere... Examples of this are the hay bale and the ice block, but at least the ice block made it obvious that the photo was THERE.

What a wonderful game...The voice acting, music, design, everything was so well put together. And the finale, I was near tears. So thoughtful, and while many of us here are young and have our lives ahead of us, we can all understand the concept of the end, whether it be of a life or our favourite book series. The end is a scary, sad thing, but it doesn't have to be. We don't feel bad for Harry Dicky, we feel happy for him, it's just that it HAD to end, and that's hard to swallow. A really deep, fun little game. Fantastic job.

Chaz responds:

Thanks for the thoughtful comments; very nicely summarized!

It's well made, and nice game. It's not a masterpiece, but still really, really good. I liked a story and message in her. It was worth playing

not so awesome

I'm going to ignore the video game logic, because video game logic.

That said, the game had glaring problems. The first and worst being running out of fuel. It became so frustrating that I just started ignoring the pointless coins scattered about, because it felt impossible to reach all of the coins and photos. Maybe Grandpa BestLifeEver needs to invest in more fuel efficient canes.

The second glaring issue was the pointless mini-games. Some of them were far too easy to warrant being included, and others, like the bear and the pirate ship were just play irritating and felt shoehorned in.

Third and final issue was the level difficulty consistency. Sometimes a level was pointlessly easy, and sometimes it was challenging, only to drop back to being too easy again. And this isn't just the beginning. This happens throughout the game.

Besides that, it was an interesting platform collectathon, even though the story stopped interesting me when I realized it was all about how great Grandpa BestLifeEver's perfect life was.

Voice acting was topnotch, though.