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Reviews for "Space Crash Saga"

cool game plays really well and looks great with great sound effects. the sense of humor is nice. freaking hard though I keep getting killed after about a minute

Although it was short, this was a thoroughly enjoyable game. The music was catchy but not annoying, the graphics were not over-complicated and the story line was simple but effective. Maybe, in the future, an endless mode could be added? Also I found it a bit too easy (maybe add different levels of difficulty?) and got off the planet with a minute still left on the timer. Overall this game was short and sweet and has great potential to either be further developed or have a sequel. (loved the sarcastic conversations with the computers)

Perfectly formed little game that doesn't outstay its welcome.

I loved the little touches like how the Space buddy leans as he moves along to keep up with you.

Personally I don't think it should be expanded out from what it is. There's nothing wrong with a 5 minute game if it's 5 minutes of fun :-)

Can't deny the fact it's too short, but it's merely just content issue. The execution is well-done; the game play, the experience, the story, and the graphics.

cool game. My only qualms were that it was so short, and that the fireballs were so difficult to dodge.
otherwise, great work.