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Reviews for "Space Crash Saga"


cool game. My only qualms were that it was so short, and that the fireballs were so difficult to dodge.
otherwise, great work.

Very fun game please make a larger version.

(As Im playing)

I love my little robot buddy. ^_^
The personality of these characters are very relatable and easy to fall in love with.
(I do not like the controls AWSD and X? I feel the X should've been the Space bar)
I died and have to click 1000 time to get through the text i have already read.

Tons of fun! I hope this is just a Demo and you will be making a full game at some point.
Just for some ideas would be cool if your robot buddy could LVL up and help you fight things.
That little robot is just to cute :) More please.

Fantastic xD
Amazing personalities, even from the little robot

Very simple, not something very new, but does what it does very well, considering its lenght.
A longer version would be appreciated :D