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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Like it, the story was good, the charakters were fun and the musik is really good. I really liked your jokes. Especially the ones of the joke robot Those were so dumb they were awesome again!
Seeing Phobe again was nice too, best character ever :D
What could be improved: I think youu should make the enemys more ... interesting. Especially after you have an attack which hurts every enemy (and usually means most of them are dead after that). Maybe make the regular enemys stronger but have fewer of them.
The boss fights are also always the same: Buff everyone in the team and then attack permanentely, sometimes heal. I used a weapon that improved the healing, which meant heal all would pretty much heal everyone fully.
I hope you make a sequel!

Fun game that will keep you hooked for a week for two. Still not finished but far enough.

Awesome Game

I think this game is kinda amazing, i got really charmed by the arts and ambient sound. But the greatest thing is the Gunslinger char, it is so amazing, i like everything on it, the way it attacks spinnig its guns is hot cute, and her holding ground pose is so fking amazing, i cant take my eyes away pro this awsome character, 5 stars for making the most addictive creture ever seen.

this game is an grate fantasy game