Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

An excellent surprise!!! :D Just clicked a random rpg on the featured game list expecting to see some okay and maybe interesting content, but man was I wrong. This game is by far my favorite game on newgrounds and I thank you for the time and effort you put in to make such a fantastic story.

Great Game to play! Addicting, and cartoon violence. WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD

Myself ( 2 ) Inner thoughts:
IM SO OBSESSED WITH DIS GAME!!! ( Trying to get all metals ) OMFG!! 0.o I HAD DREAMS ABOUT DIS LAS NIGHTY!! ( True ) SHUT-UP MYSELF!! ( Never... And sorry for CAPLOCKING ) I AM NOT!!
( Yes.. Maybe )

THE BEST PART IS THAT YOU CAN NAME YOUR PARTY MEMBERS. I NAMED THE THIEF SLUT (yes I know I'm sick in the head but don't judge me) anyway a really good game and I love it.

This game is so addicting! I played the first one, but this is even better I just can't stop playing.

Well, just finished it. Absolutely awesome series. Really reminds me of FF7 alot, what with the mini games and such. Don't really have anything negative to say here. You guys crammed a TON of content into a flash game. Very well done, definitely had me addicted to the end.