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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Great game, it's easy to see a ton of work went into it. It isn't short either!

This is an amazing free game which I enjoyed for the most parts.. Since you're planning on going on Steam, here are a couple of points which would greatly improve the overall experience.

During Battle:
- The non-bosses fight are WAY too easy (just need a AoE spellcaster + Booster and it's a breeze throughout all the game). Also, I actually used speed + hide on most dungeons on normal difficulty...
- Even the normal boss fight were really easy, it got more entertaining on hard-mode (just the bosses, the monsters were still as easy).
- There's a bug when fighting Koohii: you can't target D/Lina with your mouse (on second form). You need to use keyboard inputs.
(Btw, Koohii was such a pain, but this fight was a real "last boss" ;p).
- There's no way to notice which buffs / debuffs are gone during a fight. You need to be alert at all times or it can literally kill off your whole party.
- There should also be a number of turns displayed for each of the icons (buffs/debuffs). You could also add a small description when you hover over each icon as it took me a while to learn which icons were what buff/debuff.
- All Mary buffs/debuffs are hidden when one of your team member is selected. It's frustrating.
- There should be a max "charge up". It was confusing at first as I wasn't sure if it or did not do something to keep "charging up". You also need to learn by heart each of the special attack names to make sure you always use the last charged up skill.

- Hated the "arrange skills" system. There should be different ways to choose how you want the skills to be displayed (e.g.: without icons and only alphabetical name list).
- There should be more details on the skill descriptions. For instance, I have a feeling spirit down ALL is more effective on a boss than just spirit down; and the same with all debuff ALL spell. Not 100% sure though.
- The speed/hide dungeon skills should be a button and use sp per second instead. This way, it's more convenient to activate/deactivate at your will.
- There should be a speed button in the mini-games.
- There's absolutely no incentive to change weapon since the one you already upgraded is always better. There's also no way to know the stats growth of the different weapons. I kept the initial ones from beginning to end.
- It also takes way too much scrap metal to upgrade stuff. There should be different material used for different category or something.
- Loved the idea of key inputs replacing mouse, but why didn't you go all the way with this? Meaning that you would allow the player to play entirely with the keyboard. I'm not sure why you just made some shortcuts available...
- No way to know which monster drops what, how (steal or not) and when.

- The story is pretty much meh. See Determinator44's review; it describes pretty much everything about what I think of it.
- Good music, but should start where it left off after a battle; not restart from the beginning.
- Good skill tree system although I would put more choices into it.
- Add a fullscreen option

Last thing, I'd recommend trying the nintendo eshop, you might have some chances there if you polish the game a bit!

Good luck! ;)

how skip victory pose? i have bug.

It would be a really really good game if the combat are made in faster pace and a skill tree that have options instead of one straight line. Other than that, not too bad tho.

it's a well thoguht out game, but it gets monotonous after awhile. it's just that the lvl system is more interesting than anything else.