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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

I prefer the first game. Things are added to this (and then some things are just recycled, music especially), but I can tell you did a lot of work on this. The plot from the first was silly but at least didn't try too hard. This one is just .. all these player characters have no real reason to be together, as is the class-augmenting system is as dull as it was in FFX.

very good story, or what i managed to play of it before it wiped all my files on day 4, halfway through my 3rd job tier. (i didn't [and never] clear my cache, the rest of the internet is still cached, saved passwords/forms are all in tact, etc,.. this game is the only thing that cleared itself)
i liked the class/job progression, and the battle dynamics were good. i wish i could have made it to a higher level but i'm not putting another 20 hours into it for nothing again. 4/5 stars. i really liked it =)

I like it. The graphics could use some work...and the soundtrack needs some help, but all-in-all I like this game. The class system and being able to choose your next class is awesome. Well thought out, now you just need to trim the fat and smooth out the rough edges and it will be perfect!

I can't load my save file. What could be causing that?

de todos los juegos en rpg que eh jugado este es de los mejores, tanto el control en los combates como fuera de ellos es fácil, tiene una historia interesante y los diseños así como las animaciones son perfectas, la musica y los efectos de sonido tambien son un toque muy bueno. preferiría que estuviera tambien en español pero eso queda a criterio de cada quien.
all games in rpg played eh this is best, both in combat control and outside them is easy, it has an interesting history and designs as well as the animations are perfect, also sound effects and music are a very good touch. I would prefer that it was also in Spanish but that is at the discretion of each person.