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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Power Rangers lol!!!
The main villain is Rita from power rangers! even the beginning reminded me of how Rita in the power rangers was released in the exact same way! Also a group of 5 heroes defeated her!
The game is really well made is impressive, but i wish it was made a couple of years ago. I do not enjoy RPG's game as I used to do now since they require a lot of time and random battles get so boring since in most RPG's is the same thing.

Love it...

Cool Game :D

I can't find any rubies where are they? I am at the dargon king and I can deal about 5000 damage per turn but then he quadruple claws my attacks and on hit kills there 1750 hp! SO O.P!

train in icy forest lots if you want to stand any chance at all!

I loved everything about the game until the overpowered boss that one shots mot players without lvl 2 or 3 plates on them. he is the final boss for a reason!

-Those feathers that revive downed allies... Is that a reference to the Phoenix Down from Final Fantasy games (like, design-wise, not the function of the item)? Anyways, I've been playing for a half-hour and already noticed the improvements. The SP system is one of the best things that you've fixed. It's great.

-I think that there's some sort of elemental mechanic going on in the background. I noticed that lightning is very effective to armored enemies.

-The game's starting to feel *kinda* grind-y.