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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

*I think I'm going to Copy/Paste my Review onto Steam as well, it'll be under Templarfreak*

Started playing it, will be finishing tomorrow. I can already tell it's gonna be great.

I'm gonna write my review now, though, so that way I don't include any spoilers.

So, from what I'm gathering so far. It really seems like a classic NES/SEGA/PS1 RPG! But this time around, you put a really unique spin on it! The concept and story has definitely changed as well, it's gotten much more serious yet still maintaining a good portion of comedy.

I like the art-style, but it's hard to like. The way it looks pixelated doesn't look nice, it makes it look like it was encoded wrong. If you wanted to make a Pixel/Anime Style, I would have suggested actually doing it by pixel instead of drawing it then applying an effect, which is what it seems like you did. Now don't get me wrong, it's still great. I still LIKE it. But it's just a little hard to like and for some people it may be a turn off.

The soundtrack, is very good. The only one so far I don't entirely like is the Post-Battle screen music. It gets REALLY repetitive, REALLY fast, eventually becoming annoying. Everything else is very well done.

So far, what I've seen is massive potential and I hope that this potential fills itself out while I'm playing, which I have absolutely no doubts it will what-so-ever, which is why I am making this review before I finish. I don't expect to run into anything I won't like. I enjoyed the first one thoroughly and I see no reason not to do the same for this one, especially since I've been told by some friends that it is better then the first.

As well, from this potential I've seen I've also seen some things that would definitely promote a second playthrough and I love that in any game, when it's done right. And I can clearly see this does it right.

Well, that's about all the critics my brain can come up with at 4 in the morning! I hope I didn't leave anything out. =)

Graphics are simple, but suit the game play just fine. Music is good, though can get repetitive at times. game play is good, easy to use and simple to follow. Upgrades are easy to understand, and make a difference without being killer if you make a mistake. Monster and PC progression keep pace pretty well, enough to provide a challenge without getting frustrating. And the story and charecter chatter are great. Very nice to see some of the former PCs making a showing.

Only thing really wrong is for some reason it's not featured on the front page.

This is a really well made game, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Even though I am not one for turn based games, this one actually is very enjoyable, And the little Easter eggs you hid were quite good (All time fav will be Tunnel snakes rule, due to my love for the fallout series...)

I like just about everything here. So... I'm just gonna mention the small little things that prevented this from being a 5Star. (only played about 30 minutes so far, so this is gonna be more of a first impressions thing)

1) The characters seem to have no idea what a contraction is. I know this isn't real life, but still, people just don't say "I do not like this," or "I am happy". They say "I don't like this," and "I'm happy" respectively. The dialogue could be a bit more natural.

2) The voice acting. It's not bad, it's just that it... Can't decide if it wants to be there or not. The characters have a few reaction "ooh's" and "aah's" that play from time to time, so I know what the characters sound like. The thing that bothers me is that they don't voice act their lines. It's hard to explain why this annoys me so much. I know what the characters sound like. Usually, If I know what a character sounds like, that means they voice all of their lines. I guess it's just something I'm used to. Knowing what the characters sound like, but not acting their lines throws me is all. Full voice acting or no voice acting is better in my opinion.

Furthermore: This isn't a bad thing In the slightest, nor does it annoy me personally, I just felt that I had to say this. I get the sneaking suspicion that the architecture of the storyline takes a few ques from a game that I'm not comfortable naming. I mean.. The 4 elemental guardians that the hero needs the help of to defeat the big baddy, just like in the olden times. The hero not quite being human. A character falling from the sky. In the first hour of gameplay I've spotted these subtle hints. If any more show up I'm gonna be 100% certain that whoever wrote this had a bit of "inspiration". I swear to god, If the guardians each give him some form of power... The deal is sealed

Then again, those are some pretty popular fantasy tropes. He's definitely using them, however, he may or may not have gotten them from where I think he did. I only think he did because the style and delivery thus far seems ominously similar.

I love this game but the Demon boss in Orange Pass way too difficult for me