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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Incrivel tudo nele e incrivel o grafico ficou muito bom pra um jogo que roda em navegador.As musicas são otimas eo jogo tem Dublagem mano DUBLAGEM que jogo de navegador tem dublagem por mais que seja uma dublagem de rasoavel pra media mano ainda e uma dublagem fiquei pasmo na cenas de introdução inpresionante.E ainda tem os menus que estão muito bem feitos o mapeamento delis esta incrivel o mapa e bem jogo de navegador mais e muito bom pra jogo de navegador não tem muito que fazer por isso ta ok a Historia foi o que menos vi ate agora (isso por que estou no começo ainda kkk) mais acho que ela não vai ser ruim em fim nota 11/10 pra essi jogo trabalhor incrivel.

Don't tell anyone... But I have a huge crush with the Dragon Boy, D... Maybe I should date him...

I absolutely love this game. Great art, funny dialogues and references, WONDERFUL music and an enjoyable battle system.
The only reason I can't give 5 Stars is because of the unrefined sound/music transitions - they feel rather blunt and not as smooth as I'd like them to be.
Other than that: Magnificent work.

This game is amazing! I haven't played the first game either, so I don't know how this compares to the previous one, but I love so much about this game! The diversity of skills, classes, and types of weapons and accessories are all major things that were great in this, as well as the battle system.

The music and voice acting in this game were also spectacular :)

There were also a couple things that could have been done a bit better but they don't really affect the game much. For example, you get so much gold, but there's rarely anything you need to buy unless you somehow need to buy dozens upon dozens of healing potions. The other thing is most battles seem to be way to easy once you get control spells like slow, sleep, and stun-inflicting skills; I think either they should have costed more MP, or have less chance of being successful (I found them quite useful, but they were pretty over-powered).

Overall this game is amazing though; I'm still playing it, and it's very addictive ^^
Great job!

P.S. Nice Fallout 3 reference in the tunnel entrance ;)
(Tunnel Snakes Rule!)

This is awesome!