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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Make another part of this masterpiece, please!

Its been a while since I played such a fun game. Kudos to the maker. Amazing job on this one.

it is a very good game it reminds me a lot of Chrono Trigger the story and characters are interesting and fun and the gameplay is good and also fun


Fantastic and well made RPG. I enjoyed that there were multiple ways I could control the game, via mouse or keyboard hot keys. This would be great to play as a mobile game with touch screen features. I didn't play too far into it but from what I did play, I enjoyed the art and the bestiary had great early game variety. The music was good and reminiscent of traditional RPG games.

I would like to see more attention placed on the level design for future games of Crystal Story. The forest, for example, just seemed to be a connected series of squares with tree sprites thrown about. Given your attention to art assets with the characters and inventory, I know you can do a lot better with the level design and layout.

For example, I would love to see a upper and lower level for an area so that characters can go under bridges or over rivers, for example. This would also allow you to have tree tops obscure parts of the stage which characters can walk under. These minor things will provide a lot to your game.

I liked the battle system, it was very smooth. The characters were distinct and entertaining. The treasure chest minigame was a little awkward for me. I got the concept but it seemed up to chance whether or not I had the correct arrow at the proper moment.