Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Excellent. It has everything I like in an RPG: a good plot, good mechanics, and feels rewarding to finish. 5/5 my good sirs.

this is the best game i've ever seen :))) i like it so much

Flawless, yet I woulda liked some more voice acting. But for a free 2 play browser flash game this is top notch!

this game is fun to play and a great way to kill time you can get quickly addicted to it and play it for quite a while although you can also get quickly bored of it since it is tedious for one thing the normal monster battles are way too easy if you know what your doing you will never get hit hit in a normal fight thus making potions redundant on the other hand was a nice idea to take out leveling you can't completely overpower your character however it makes the enemies not strong enough but all things considered it is a fantastic game with a long story that once you start you should want to finish.

Very Good Game i'd say ! i would've been mad, if it would've been the same as the last one, but this time it wasnt so boring, and im really happy to say, that it deserves 5 stars.