Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Woohoo finally! I've been waiting for this for a long time, i was checking your profile yesterday, wondering if you posted it here aleady :)

I´ve already finished this game weeks ago on Kongregate, you´ve out done yourself by improving everything from the first game. great atmosphere music, animation the voice acting and the story ofcourse.

Nice to see that you made the Defence minigame easier. I could actually complete `Expert` this time which i couldn´t on the first game.

Time to replay this right now

That's a wonderful and a high quality game!

Amazing job, Lan. This game is a major step up from the original.

Brilliant game all round, the main quest is engaging, plenty of varied side games, challenge ramped up significantly following the Dargon King so I'll probably come back from time to time and have a go at those missions. Any negatives are minor (e.g. arranging skills across 4 pages is tiresome, I'd prefer a custom skill list that I can add to/remove skills from when they're superceded - a side effect of having so much choice!) this is one of the best-designed and best-executed games I've ever played and the scale of it is incredible. Big congratulations!

What does the guide robot's joke says?