Reviews for "Crystal Story II"


I really enjoyed the improvements you made in this game! More landscapes, new monsters (specially the gorgons and the guardians), new characters, the music, the story. And I love the pet thing, the customization. Only one thing makes a bit worried...is the fact of one of the heroes, Lina being a thief and having the ability to steal...I don't know, some people don't have much critical sense and could start thinking stealing is right?

Anyway, thank you for creating this game! Have a fantastic month! :)

Weird glitch when you can't stop playing

This is reallyr good, And not just because i like JRPGS, This was really good with the graphics and alike anime cutscenes, I think it was a really good and free flash game and deserves a lot of more attention then it should. <3

good game with bad graphics

Well done. Good work in this game. I also enjoyed the storyline and the characterinteraction. You used some Anime-Stereotypes, what was funny to see, but it was cool anyway.

Though there could have been more atmospheric changes. Like when the enviroment gets important, too. YOu used it a lottle wwhen your characters were talking about the coldness of "snow", but there could be alot more. And Maybe slow moments as a change of pace in kind of a cutscene style.
First I had problems in equipping additional assecoirs in the 2nd and 3th slot. I kinda maneged my way arround it and now it works. Dunno why, it appeared as certain equipments dont go with others in the same character. It felt like a bug though. If it isn't then there should be a enxplaination maybe.

The weapon system is interessting. Sadly though is that when you have collected enough Items trough focused stealing in every beattle that you can actually create your weapon of choise, then the player might be allready investing so much pimping in the weopaons he allready had that it is not a good idea to change that then.
I did it anyway and afterwards had the fealling that it was not the best choice maybe.
I think it needs refining, but there are good ideas!

Dragon's rage: The ultimate of "D" seems ultra-weak! It looks like he is doing 7 ordinairy strikes. "Cyclone Dance" in comparrisson are 5 consecutive strikes that make 2 - 5 times the damage that Lina would have dealt by an ordinairy strike. I don't know if that is on purpose?

Take care!

very addictive and quite enjoyable i also though it was like a nintendo i swear if this was on a game system i would have bought it