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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Fun game. Getting points seems really simple, and the MC reminds me of Natsu from Fairy Tail and Saito from Zero no Tsukaima.

An excellent game. Combat system is nice, sort of a hybrid of old FFs Active Time Battle and the newer Conditioned Time Battle. Exploration is rewarding and never became tedious for me. The characters are likeable and play on some RPG stereotypes without being annoying. The minigames are fun and quite rewarding as well. The music is well composed and didn't feel repetetive for me. Quite a lot of different tracks for the areas with some unique battle themes for some areas.

After all that praise time for some nitpicking:
As Lina kept saying "This game needs a higher difficulty".
With a Speed/Attack focused group most enemies didn't even pose the slightest threat.
Barrage and Shockwave are so powerful, I could stunlock most of the bosses and beat them before they could hit back. Maybe remove the stun from Barrage or make the later bosses immune to stun. 75% resist isn't enough versus 12 to 16 hits in a row.
Sometimes the Mercs and Hackpick minigames could use a speedup function. Was a bit annoying to wait for a practically completed puzzle/battle to play out on its own.

Anyway it was a very enjoyable game so far, and now for all the extra content. Will keep me busy for a while even after finishing the main questline :)

Great characters and graphics. And the gameplay may just be a Final fantasy clone but that's never been a bad thing.


I just had to play this game its looks so much like sword art online, and they story line is the same with a few tweaks so you cant get sued for copyright nice one.