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Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Lol Tristam's beard is fake

"My name is Tristam, you can call me old Tristam for short." Nice game, good funny moments like that, thank you.

-Those feathers that revive downed allies... Is that a reference to the Phoenix Down from Final Fantasy games (like, design-wise, not the function of the item)? Anyways, I've been playing for a half-hour and already noticed the improvements. The SP system is one of the best things that you've fixed. It's great.

-I think that there's some sort of elemental mechanic going on in the background. I noticed that lightning is very effective to armored enemies.

-The game's starting to feel *kinda* grind-y.

I've almost forgotten about this game! I love everything you did with it!

Don't tell anyone... But I have a huge crush with the Dragon Boy, D... Maybe I should date him...