Reviews for "Crystal Story II"

Very Good Game i'd say ! i would've been mad, if it would've been the same as the last one, but this time it wasnt so boring, and im really happy to say, that it deserves 5 stars.

I don't think much effort was put in to this. It's pretty much the same game as the first: Same enemy sprites with no animations, same music, same light pastelly colors, same places... And you didn't try to improve the art to make it look better, or the janky UI.. The list goes on and on. BUT it's still kind of cute, and pretty fun. My only problem is that ya didn't add much from the last one.

I think this game is kinda amazing, i got really charmed by the arts and ambient sound. But the greatest thing is the Gunslinger char, it is so amazing, i like everything on it, the way it attacks spinnig its guns is hot cute, and her holding ground pose is so fking amazing, i cant take my eyes away pro this awsome character, 5 stars for making the most addictive creture ever seen.

Lots of fun, straightforward enjoyment, elegant and clean, virtually bug free. A -MUST- play for RPG fans.

Deep game, clearly inspired by elements of traditional RPG's, with a rich and enjoyable job system that makes the game very fun with a high replay value. Crafting is perhaps a little oversimplified, but very valuable and worth learning. Side quests are also simple, but worthwhile. Fishing plays a small role in another fun diversion.

One element about this game which I love in particular is the ability to "front load" experience. If you're a fan of grinding, you can create a behemoth of a character pretty early in the game. Average players or more casual gamers can enjoy a fair graduation of skills and experience throughout the game.

The graphics are a bit soft, and the main character having a tail annoys me for reasons I can't clearly explain. Most importantly, this game is a ton of fun. Well done!

For me it just stopped after i beat the first slime on the right path, i will try the game later to see if this was random on constant