Reviews for "Cereal Killers"

lol cunt assula

"Hey, Cunt Assula!"
Haha this whole video is so absurd XD
I love how jaded and crude Sugar Sweet is.
This is what happens when heroes become the villain hehe.
Great production all around, top notch stuff.
Can't wait to see what you guys come out with next!

Samination responds:

This hero became an ass.

Only on Thursdays, lmao. If they had commercials like this on TV, that shit would be way more entertaining, it'd be sweet and sugary, sugar-sweet, sweet like sugar and sweets! Nice work.


Samination responds:

For sure! thanks!

sugar sweet reminds me of myself...... 5 STARS FOTHA MUCKA!

Samination responds:

You're a disgruntle cereal mascot?

Fuck you in the ass, lady.

Well done. You have become a new favorite of mine!!!

Samination responds:

Only on Thursday!