Reviews for "Cereal Killers"

yeap thats perfect always how i thought the coco pops monkey would be by now infact im preety sure that when u go to a retail store and that poor till person has to do the same **** everyday is really thinking this good job

Seems like it's trying too hard to be obnoxious or insulting. There was no set up or reason to the insults. It just seemed lazy. Not very entertaining. Not bad voice acting though.

Voice acting was on top
animation....sam t siggnature of awesomeness :)
music, etc
script: nice, nice, fun :) , just a little weak on the ending, i mean....something felt missing

"Right in front of your kids," I almost forgot this was an adult animation. Never again :/

how do i put this....
i think my lungs have finally regained the ability to hold air after laughing throughout the entire video.
very well made and funnier than Thursdays ;P
blehh XD

Samination responds:

Wow. GLad you liked it!