Reviews for "Raw Latex 2"

If horrible vagina jokes are all you have to offer, than you'll need to make at least two or three more sequels so I can see how this plays out. Frankly, it's a nice break from dick jokes!

You know what?-- this is epic. How epic? This animation is so epic that I'm giving it a 5 star rating AND a smashing review without even viewing it.... WHY???
Two words: sexual-lobster. *school girl giggle* Another two words: Greasy Moose. *awww yeah*

That's why.

I have watched your movies from a far.. literally from across the galaxies, but I digress.
My point is that all of your submissions, your animations--- they are epic, the bees knees, just vomit educingly amazing. So I will give you a high 5 and a 5 star rating-- today--- without even watching you animation... and you know what else?
I will come back and watch your video this weekend, and off in the distance... you will hear my tears of joy. Because this is epic, and rightfully you are epic as well.
Good day good sir, my hat is ever tipped towards your graces.

this rant was brought to you by the good people of starbucks and their amazing energy drinks

Sexual-Lobster responds:

wow, well i hope this lived up to your high expectations.

Thank you for this It has made my day. Praise be to you, Sexual-Lobster.

Sexual-Lobster responds:


LOL great stuff i want more

Soon to be part of your kids Saturday morning line up of cartoons.