Reviews for "Raw Latex 2"

Amazing stuff as always. Love the art, the sound effects, the witty lines. The dad didn't open his mouth once and not tickle my pickle.

Speaking of pickles...the helicopter pilot holding...the cyclic stick, fairly certain its shaped like a dick. Penis slit and all. Not sure if it's intentional or not but I'll never get tired of being entertained from all the little details you add.


All he had to do was just keep hugging. . . that would have solved all the problems that remain for RL3
(raw latex 3 obviously)

Shame this isn't continuing it's pretty damn funny
(Understood you aren't making mad bank off it- but I've only got 8 dollars, I'm certainly not in position to fund raw latex three XD)

"When the police kidnap it's called arresting" XD
then he died and then i was like "Minor characters always die anyway?"

I didn't really enjoy this submission. The animation itself was on par with what Sexual Lobster usually creates, and the same goes for the sound quality. But the creativity was lacking. It seemed to be far below what is average for a Sexual Lobster animation.

When i saw this i thought it was some kind of lame joke but then I realized the Sexy lobster did this so I gave it a shot and then I feel down and gone boom boom in my pants I was just laughing so much and then I had to see the first one and dang it all it was just so funny curse you for making me laugh so much, welp time go out and be a strap on wizard..um i mean master gotta stap em all , but serisously continue this it's great

i came for the silly battles.
what i got was a long crack at some guys mom and grief.