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Reviews for "Flappy Bird Bros"

As much as I agree with you, you didn't credit the music, and it couldve been slightly better but not bad, good animation for the most part. And I agree, Flappy Bird's creator really shouldn't have stolen the background or imitated it. But for future reference crediting music is important no matter what it is.

how to make videos? yaa!!
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Great animation

The game is gone now btw.

Ha Ha I think the animation when the bird is falling really made this parody.

Meh, it wasn't anything new or original, not really a funny joke or anything... really wasn't anything i haven't seen before... maybe this got on the front page because of the issue with nintendo but really, nothing out of this world that actually deserved to be on the front page... Of course, i don't animate or anything to know if there was much work on it but i know for sure that this wasn't better than most of the things that get submitted here... just my opinion.