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Reviews for "Ragdoll Ninja"

Let's get a few things straight here. Does this game have similar mechanics to Fruit Ninja? Yes. Is that a bad thing? No. Is it a straight rip-off of Fruit Ninja? No. The ragdoll mechanics (and the ability to keep slicing and turn each stick figure into sushi) make this an incredibly entertaining game in its own right. I saw a couple of reviewers complain that the music is annoying, but there's a mute button so it's not all that much of a problem.

All in all, this is a very fun and entertaining game that doesn't just rip off Fruit Ninja's mechanics, it actually puts its own spin on them and makes them even more fun. I could play this for hours.

Nice job. I can see the effort that was put into this game.

Show of hands to anybody who has ever played Fruit Ninja. You see, you really can't expect good reviews for a game that you might as well of stolen. You couldn't even manage to make any sort of improvement. The game in general was worse than the original, and that music was annoying. Try again, but please, make if interesting next time.

devizgl responds:

Yes, it' inspired by fruit ninja, so what?

It's Just Like Fruit Ninja! :D

copy cat of fruit ninja with stick men.. oh wow. i like fruit ninja.. why not make a game JUST like it.. but wait i cant draw.. oh i know stick men.. herp da derp.

0 stars for just copying a game already out there. like a remake of an old movie. sometimes it was better left alone.

devizgl responds: